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Optimizing Windows XP Virtual Memory settings

Windows XP is truly regarded as one of the best operating systems from Microsoft. If you have been working with Windows XP for a long time, you might have noticed a "Virtual memory too low" alert popup from time to time. This error is a warning that the set virtual memory is not enough for operation.

Virtual Memory errors in XP

Virtual memory has the same purpose as that of system RAM (Random Access Memory); by working hand in hand with RAM, virtual memory takes some unimportant load off from RAM and provides extra space in RAM for other important programs. While RAM is a physical component of your computer, virtual memory, as the name suggests is a virtual portion of hard disk that is used to store data that is supposed to be stored in the system RAM.

Handling XP Virtual Memory issues

Virtual memory in XP can be manipulated and managed in various ways. Apart from setting Windows XP virtual memory settings and increasing or decreasing virtual memory limits, Windows XP also alerts a user if his/her virtual memory settings are too low.

While there are various memory management software that claim to impart quick performance to your computer, our software, enables a user to automatically optimize virtual memory settings for maximum computer speed.

Repairing Virtual Memory Errors in XP

As already stated, virtual memory should not be tweaked by a user because it could lead to changes in the pagefile.sys and result in unnecessary virtual memory errors. Interested users can still use the following steps to alter their virtual memory settings.

1. Click on Start and go to "Control Pane" under "settings"
2. In the control panel, click on "system" under "performance and maintenance"
3. Under Advanced Tab, click "Settings" in the performance section
4. Click the advanced tab
5. Notice the virtual memory space allocated for Page file
6. Click on "change" button to change the settings.

Although you may change the virtual memory settings, you will have to set these settings in accordance with the recommended settings according to your system hardware. Inability to do so might result in errors and frequent system crashes.

If you do not know the virtual memory settings of your system, it is better you use our software that automatically fixes virtual memory settings according to the hardware settings of your system.
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