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How To Improve Windows Virtual Memory

The popularity of Windows operating system continues to grow with each passing day and success story which started with Windows 3.1, grew on the legendary Windows XP, continues today with Windows Vista and the all new Windows 7. Riding on advanced technology that was both easy to learn and easy to use, Windows operating systems have proved time and again that they are the most scalable operating systems available for computer users worldwide.
If you are using a Windows operating system, chances are you would have already tasted your share of windows errors too and are probably looking for an instant solution for all your problems.

Our software can help remove PC errors, clean your registry and optimize the virtual memory settings of your computer automatically. You dont have to be a computer genius to operate our software, with some simple to use steps, you can easily make your PC perform at its peak performance.

Microsoft Windows And Its Virtual Memory

Have you ever wondered why your computer gets slow after prolonged use but works just fine till sometime after a system restart. One of the main reasons behind this phenomenon is virtual memory. With continuous usage of a computer, the available free RAM gets filled with data and is not able to accommodate anymore data that is needed by an application. Microsoft virtual memory application in Windows operating system creates space for the least used data present in the system RAM and transfers it to hard disk in the form of page file. While this creates extra space in the system memory (RAM), the files that are stored in the virtual memory are transferred to RAM when their need arises. Throughout this process, the operating system tricks the software to believe that it is working with system memory (RAM) only.

Tweaking Virtual Memory In A Microsoft Windows Operating System
If its users were to be believed, Microsoft Windows operating system is rightly the most user friendly operating system there is. Allowing its users to do everything they need to do, Windows operating systems have made user friendliness a dream come true for many of the computer users around the world. Like everything in Windows, setting virtual memory settings is also a breeze in Windows. Whether you want to increase Windows virtual memory, or decrease system virtual memory, you can use the user friendly environment of Microsoft Windows to set virtual memory settings.

Automatic Virtual Memory Optimization - A Hassle Free Method
While users can still set virtual memory settings in Microsoft Windows operating system, these settings require in depth knowledge of system architecture and should not be tweaked by computer novice.

For a hassle free optimization of virtual memory, users can use our software that can optimize virtual memory of Windows operating system automatically. Apart from optimizing virtual memory, our software is also capable of repairing Windows errors like exe errors, dll errors, activeX errors etc. along with cleaning of registry errors to create a fast computing experience. For an efficient and fast computing experience, click the link given below to download a free trial of our software that gives you a detailed diagnosis of your computer and gives you the option to fix them with a single click.