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Vista Virtual Memory

Since its public announcement to the time when it was launched, Microsoft Vista never felt short of any anticipation. While Vista come in with a bang, its extreme memory hogging and resource grabbing nature was not readily accepted by Windows users who wanted to upgrade their operating systems and were eagerly looking forward to its launch. One of the strongest reasons behind huge criticism of Windows Vista is the high capacity of RAM it requires for its efficient working. While those interested had to upgrade their RAM, users who wanted to buy new computers had no other choice but to choose expensive computers that came with Vista compatible RAM. While users around the world were ready to buy extra RAM, even Microsoft recommended RAM didn't provide satisfactory results. Despite all its negatives as a memory hogging operating system Microsoft Vista had its benefits and Microsoft maintained that with its advanced virtual memory handling capabilities, Vista could work better with many systems. If you are using Windows Vista, it is apparent that you have faced slow computing some time or the other. One of the ways by which you can improve the performance of your Vista based computer is with the use of virtual memory. The advanced virtual memory technique in Windows Vista allows this operating system to handle memory issues effectively thus providing better computing even with the minimum recommended RAM.

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Virtual Memory - How It Works

In computer processing, the processor calls for programs that are stored in the hard disk for execution. These programs, while executing, need a fast memory to temporarily store some important information like user preferences and clipboard items. Although RAM is used for these purposes, storage capacity in RAM is not always available readily. With virtual memory, the Windows Vista operating system tricks its microprocessor and the software to think that it is storing the information in RAM whereas the data is getting stored in the hard disk. While the microprocessor never feels any difference, the only difference between data stored in virtual memory and RAM is that of transfer speed. Because Hard disk transfers data by reading hard disk heads, this process is mechanical and takes time while on the other hand RAM is composed of electrical chips and thus the transfer rate is high. Virtual memory stores temporary information in memory packets called Page File. In Windows Vista, pagefile.sys is a file that stores the information about virtual memory.

Vista Virtual Memory Errors

Almost all major virtual memory errors are caused when Vista is not able to diagnose whether a temporary file is needed in the future or not. This either leads to accidental deletion of a temporary file that is needed by software or filling up of virtual memory space because it is not able to delete unneeded files. Either way, un-optimized virtual memory settings lead to virtual memory errors.

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