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Tweaking Your Virtual Memory Settings

There are various errors that can jeopardize an efficient computing experience. Anything from a registry error to a virtual memory error can take a toll on your computer's performance. Windows errors like exe errors, startup errors, and installer errors among others are some of the most common errors that are faced by computer user. If you are facing slow system startups and shutdowns along with constant system freezes and longer application load time your computer may be facing registry errors. Registry errors happen due to corrupt and incomplete system registry. Virtual memory errors are responsible for slow computing and frequent system crashes. As virtual memory stored the data required by a software application, slow data transfer between this memory and actual memory (RAM) can lead to slow processing of applications and operating system. Just like registry and operating system errors, virtual memory errors can also be manually repaired but because a high level of competence is required to for performing virtual memory setting, it is best to use professional help or opt for virtual memory repair software that can automatically optimize your virtual memory settings.

How To Change Virtual Memory Settings

Although not advised, users can change their virtual memory settings according to their needs. Follow the given guidelines for changing the virtual memory settings in windows XP:

1. Right click the "My Computer" icon on the desktop.
2. Click the "properties" option and choose "advanced" tab
3. Under the "Performance" section, click the "Settings" button
4. Click "Advanced" tab in performance options window
5. Click on "Change" button under the "virtual memory" section to change virtual memory limit
6. Choose "custom size", "System Managed size" or "No paging file" as your choice and click on set button to set the changes.
7. Press "Ok" to close the window and confirm changes

If you are not a computer professional, you should not attempt to change your virtual memory settings as setting wrong settings can seriously hamper with the performance of your PC.

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