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Low Virtual Memory

Computer applications use system memory (RAM) for their normal functioning. Virtual memory is a technology used by modern day operating systems to compensate for low amount of available RAM with some memory on the hard disk. This technique reserves a pre-specified space in the hard disk for use of applications in case system RAM runs out of space. With virtual memory, operating system tries to trick the application into thinking that it has contiguous working memory and makes it believe that this memory is coming from the RAM itself. Virtual memory saves temporary files as page files and removes these page files as they get out of use. Storing these files needs space in the hard disk and when the specified space for virtual memory is found too low for a page file to fit, we get a "Virtual Memory Too Low" alert.

Tweaking virtual memory without proper expertise is not a work for casual computer users and should be left for computer professionals only. Our software not only optimizes the virtual memory settings but it is also useful in performing automatic error repairs and registry cleaning tasks.